Hooke’s diary: 14 April to 6 May 1673

Attentive followers of @hookeslondon will have noticed a gap in the Diary tweets from mid-April to early May. Sorry, I was in Australia. But I don’t want you to feel as though you’ve missed out on anything, so I’m posting the full text here (don’t tell anyone at Oxford University Press…).

Note that this is the full ‘diplomatic’ transcription, which means I keep as close as possible to the way it’s written in the original manuscript, including Hooke’s contractions, and his habitual use of ‘u’ for ‘v’ in the middle of words, and ‘v’ for ‘u’ at the beginning of words. Mostly straightforward (except for the word ‘proud’, which I encountered recently and which has me stumped for the moment). Remember he is recording the weather at this point, with barometer and thermometer readings and sometimes wind direction, so most of the entries start with that data. Enjoy!

14. [mercury]. 175. fine day. W. S.
14. at home wth Coffin all Day almost. Coffin began Theater.

15. a pleasant summers day. [mercury]. 150 Th. 5 (pm) 7.
15. wth Mr Hammond at Campion Lane. 1 guinny. Dind wth Dr Wren at Russells. at woodstreet at Fish Street at St Paules. Garways. Eat Stewd pruines wth senna wch agreed well. I this Day began to recouer much. at Dr Popes wth Dr Tillotson Sr W Basset Esaw Ward. &c.

16 an exceeding Louely may day. W. SE. [mercury]. 180. Th. 7. <W. S. [interlin]>
16. being ye first summer morning and finding my blood begin to ferment I walkd till noon in ye feild wth Blackburne Met Ald Lluellin. returnd eat Dinner. Steud pruins wrought 4 times. at Arundell house. Ld Brounker. Ld Sarum nothing new. Ld Sarū Recouerd by ye Kings drops. Sr R Moray promised me some Collins refused ye Hospitall Lecture wisht it for Dayry

17 as fine a day as yesterday but towards nigh. [mercury] fell to 200. and the euenigh thickned & threatned Rain but there fell none that night.
17. wth Ld Brounker all ye morn about Nauy office. DH. afternoon I rode to highgate wth fitz to Sr J Cutlers newly recouerd of an ague by bleeding in ye Jugular 16 ounces. about Read. at Ld Brounkers Drunk claret wch made me sick. Slept ill. & much stopt.

nor 18. wch was a Louely sūmer day. only some drops about noon W. SW. [mercury]. 10. Th. 8.
18. at fleet Ditch view. at Bridewell. DH. Haux. Dean tillotson here. Nell washt chamber. Lent Mr Haux Mr Boyles booke of flame. below wth Coffin. Wash feet in hott water wch made me sleep well and I began to be much better next morn.

19. a very rainy morn. till noone & some also in ye afternoon but that was somewt cleerer. W. SSW. blustring. [mercury] 5. Th. 5½. the euening very cleer as was also ye next morn till noon.
19. when I went to Scotland yard by water. from thence to Streater. Thence. to Dr Wren at Paules about nauy office module. DH. Mr Streater here & at auerys. wth Mr Groue to fishmongers hall. at Mr Coxes old key Thamstreet about new kitchen. Spoke wth Mr Street about Blackbunes pupell. at Garways. in merchants Room washt feet. & slept pretty well following night. Blackburne now paid me 9 half crowns wch wth ye 7 I had before made 16 for 16 weeks from the 5th of December 1672.

20. afternoon it Raind & ye wind was stormy at SSW. [mercury] 185 [ascending]. Th. 6.
20. at ye Ld Brounkers. discoursd about navy office. Ld Chesters book & legacy. Dr Jeofferys. Ld Salisbury. Assistants allowance DH. at Garways.

21 22 23 <24 [em from ’44’]> very fair weather [mercury]. 175 + -. Th. 6 + -. wind west & SW.

21 at home about module. <at [del]> DH. at Dr Godderds <Ld Brounker Oldenburg. [interlin]> Ld Sarū. Sr R M. Mr Colwall. Dr Godderd Mr Hill. I Ld Sarū & I spoke to Sr Th. Player. Sr Jo Sheldon who ingaged to make an Inuitation of R: S. to Gr. Coll. Sr A K home Gaue me his shelues.

22. Mr Goodday Canning street. 5sh. Mr Woodroof here Mr Janeway here. Dind wth Mr Woodroof at woolsack wth Dr Wren at Paules. Garways. Hooke bookseller Died. Chamberlain marryed.

23. at home about Shell Lath. &c. At arundell. Dr Godderd in ye Chair. Expt of making air by corrosion borrowd of Collins Pardies Mechanicks. for a green bolt head 1sh. reciud frō Dr Chamberlane a peice of new Cinnamon frō East indies. Mr Hoskins to towne. at Guildhall searcht ye Hustings book for Sr Th Greshams house. found he purchasd 2 houses in Broad Street. Ano 10 Elzabethæ. & one in Bishopsgate Street. Ano 3o Elizab: Quere.

24. at Ld Mayors to stop building in hand yard to Scotland yard. Sr R M wth ye King. at Sr J Cutlers. crost St James Park. Rd frō Mr Boyle. 20ll for Turret. Dind at Sr G. Ent. in Greys I: Garden Read not. forgot Mr Hoskins bought of Pitts for R S. Morland arithmetick 3sh. at Garways wth Hill. Godfry. Bouy. Madā Shefeild &c.

25. a very fair morn yet about 10 it ouercast & seemd to threaten Rain. [mercury]. 185. Th. 6½. W. SW. but it cleer about 11. it raind a little about 3 4 & 5. euening fair viewd [Venus] & [Jupiter] wth telescope wth harry

25. Lem here seald Lease to Taylor. rose about noon was well after. <took Goddards Drops sweat much. [interlin]> at Sr J Laurences. at Mr Arts. 10sh for measuring ?Summers key. Set vp Sr A Kings cupboors & remoued drawers. pd Coff. 20sh. about module.

26. fair Day till late at night. [mercury]. 180. Th. 7. 8. 9. W. SW.
26. at home all Day. cōmtee of Citty & mercers vote inuitation of ye Society. at Sr J Laurence in ye euening & Garways.

27. It had raind much in ye night but all ye next day was very fair. <[del]> W. N. brisk. Th. 6. 7. 8. [mercury]. 180. very cleer euening at 8. pm.
27. at Mr woodroof to Receive Sacr. walk wth Godfry & blackburn. at Ld Brounkers. signd bill for 4ll. 19s. for Hary to Lady day. 73. at Garways. Cuskeson.


29 [    ] view in fleet street inter Dr Ball & [   ] armes painter.

30 view at Weevers towerstreet <and at Philips in Bush Lane [interlin]> at arundell house noe meeting

[horizontal rule]

Thursday. May. 1673.

1 abed till 10. walkd wth Mr Godfry after dinner – wth Coffin &c – – [ejaculation] at Sherbourn Lane 5sh Mr Pointer. Mr Gooday 7s. 6d.

2 at Docter Popes. Sr W Turners measurd at ye Colledge – wth harry chimist & beedles house. Dr Wren’s. <Dind at Sr G Ents [interlin]> walkd in d <. . . feilds & [del]> drapers garden wth Mr Godfry at Garways wth Mr Hill Jinks Meredith Croon Godfry Dr ?Manson not at home.

3 I Rd the Sacrament at St Peters Poor. wth Dr Pope Dr Croon Sr James Oxendine Mr Meredith Mr Jinkes Mr Godfry Mr Hill & Robert there Receiud Likewise Capn Jones. Mr String. I walkd after dinner wth Godfry & Blackburne. at Mr <Blackburne [del]> Godfrys.

4. at Westmister. Drank 1d of coffee at childs. Eat broth at hall. returnd wthout being sworne & Dind at Sr J Catlers wth Ld [   ] Dr Pope Lady [   ] &c at Scaramuchos at york house. præsent ye King Duke of york Ld Ormond &c. at Sr W Bassets at ye dog at Ludgate hill home.

5. at westminster sworne before Sr W Wild. Sworne wth me Cn Jone Mr Stringer. Mr Hawes. Mr Hopkins. dind at woolsack at Mr Colwalls tryalls. Dog colwall abusd me: home.

6 view intr Hinton & taylor Sherbourn Lane and inter Grey & Young fanchurch street: Darnellikaps l0sh. at arundell. Sr Ro: Moray præsident. Expt of air in ye bladder. Mr Shortgraues bills signed till this Day. Sr Moorlands booke for Library Read my Discourse about Arithmetick instruments & Deliuerd to be registerd.


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